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Skateboard Deck Rails

Skateboard Deck Rails

Skateboard deck rails are ideal for bowl or transition skaters. The natural wear and tear of your skateboard is accelerated when you frequently slide on handrails, curbs and other hard surfaces. Deck rails help protect the bottom of your board from damage and could improve your sliding on those hard surfaces. If you love riding bowls or sliding on curbs and rails, skateboard deck rails are a must to prevent friction, improve your performance and protect your board in the long run. Get them here at Yakwax from top skate hardware brands - all with FREE UK delivery!

Rails for Skateboard Decks

If you love sliding on skate bowls, ramps, rails and curbs, a pair of deck rails can help improve your sliding and shredding performance. Also known as 'ribs', rails are a pair of metal or plastic strips installed lengthwise on the edges underneath a skate deck.

Skaters use them for added grip (for grabs) and to improve sliding, while also protecting the board graphics underneath. The skating scene of the 1980's was when deck rails became popular especially among experienced shredders.

Friction is one of the issues when shredding on concrete pools or bowls. Aside from destroying the deck graphics, wear and tear are definitely hastened when you have bare deck that touches these hard and rough surfaces. Lately, some articles have mentioned or have predicted possible comebacks of past skateboard hardware including rails.

Today, we've seen many skate shops, including ours, selling them once again. So, if you're an avid bowl or transition skater, or you need to improve your sliding performance on ledges and copings, installing deck rails is one of the simplest solutions.

Get yours right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery and start sliding and improve grabs in no time!