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What started out in the garage of a twelve year old boy using bootleg grip tape and a "teddy bear" shaped baking mould is now considered one of the leading brands in skateboard grips. Grizzly is known for their stamped and printed griptape that add colour and cool vibe on skateboards. Grizzly also offers an assortment of skate apparel and accessories to avid skaters and their fans. If you want a cool sheet of grip on your board, apparel and other skate accessories, Grizzly's products are worth a try. Shop for them here at Yakwax and enjoy our Rad FREE UK delivery Service as standard.

Grizzly Online UK Skate Shop

Skateboard grips are among the most tortured parts of a skate deck, which is why they often come in plain black sandpaper colour. But if you want a cooler deck from top to bottom, it is wise to use Grizzly griptape since they have both coloured and printed grips to choose from.

Grizzly is one of today's top griptape brands. They are known not just for the awesome quality of their grip, but for the skate accessories and apparel they offer. The company logo itself is iconic and has a cool story. But more importantly, this is a company founded by a pre-teen who later became one of the most popular skateboarders of his time.

The company has a roster of over 80 amateur and pro skaters. The pro team includes Brandon Biebel, Justin Eldridge, Manny Santiago, Mike Carroll, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Rob Dyrdek, Ryan Sheckler, Sean Malto, Shane O'Neill, Steve Berra, Stevie Williams, and Torey Pudwill, among many others.

The Twelve Year-Old, the Baking Mould and the Cookie Cutter

Like many stories told by skate legends and entrepreneurs, Grizzly's one of the coolest we've heard. As mentioned earlier, this is a company founded by a young skater who later became an icon himself.

Torey Pudwill was just twelve when he (unknowingly) got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. Out of fun, he started making skate wax using his friend's mom's chocolate mould. Then, out of their garage, he started tinkering with bootleg griptape that he would get for free from one of the local skate stores. Using a teddy bear-shaped steel cookie cutter, he would punch out strips of griptape to cut out the signature logo.

Torey sold the punched out griptapes to his friends and the local kids at the skate parks. But he was only able to produce around ten sheets at a time since he was only given one roll of free griptape each month. He was able to hustle 'til he's fourteen and it was all fun and unplanned.

Hooking Up with Diamond Supply Co.

It was in 2010 when Grizzly, the company, only came to be when Torey was nineteen and just turned pro. He got into skateboarding in his early teens and became busy touring and joining competitions in the US and abroad.

Sean Apgar hooked Torey with Diamond Supply Co. as part of the team. It was during the time when Diamond was starting to take off and Nick Tershay (owner of Diamond) saw the potential in Torey's proposal to do business out of his company.

Diamond Supply Co. has distributed Grizzly's grips since 2012. Joining forces and creating a solid team with Diamond, coupled with skaters who love Diamond's hardware and clothing enabled Torey's company to take off.

The company started producing skate apparel and accessories around 2013 which has allowed the brand to expand extensively and has led that little teddy cut-out to become an iconic symbol.

When he's not busy touring and competing, Torey makes sure he's doing hands-on duties in his company. He usually oversees the conceptualisation of future products and the day-to-day operations happening in the flagship store.

Grizzly is a success story built around the love for skateboarding and the fun and camaraderie among skaters. If this is your kind of stuff, you better check our collection of Grizzly products and take advantage of our FREE UK delivery service only when you purchase from Yakwax.