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Watches for men and women with active lifestyles are made for regular wear and tear. These individuals have different needs when it comes to accessories they wear and they require them to be extra durable and suitable for their favourite sports and hobbies. Water resistance is one of the major criteria since rain, snow and ocean waves can't stop board riders and athletes from doing what they love. Shop for cool, stylish watches by some the world’s top surf, skate and streetwear brands including Cheapo and many others. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

Cool & Stylish Watches

Time is of the essence especially for board riders and athletes. They require hours and hours of training and practice in real-time scenarios in order to perfect their craft.

It is no longer difficult to find more cost-effective watches for men and women especially now that many brands are competing in the market. Youngsters are also able to purchase strong and water-resistant watches that will fit their activities in school and among their neighbourhood pals. Parents can provide their young surfer or skateboarder the necessary accessories without punching a huge hole in their wallets.

For pro surfer and skateboarder, it is important to have a watch that can withstand their regular usage and the changing weather as they shred the streets and oceans. Giving a bit of thought in choosing the right time piece is important, such as the quality and make, and the features to fit their needs.

Style is no longer a problem either since sporty type watches are cool and trendy. They are often made with the wearer in mind and they transcend ages and genders as well.

Find the coolest sports watches right here at Yakwax. We carry the top brands in surf, skate and street accessories including Cheapo and many others. Enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!