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Men's Clothing + Accessories

Men with active lifestyles deserve comfortable clothing and footwear to match and withstand their activities. However, there should also be an element of style in every top, trousers, hair and grooming, footwear and accessory in his possession. Men's skate, surf and streetwear clothing may be a bit too informal, relaxed and laid-back; but choosing these items from top brands like14:01, Brixton, Chocolate, DC, Diamond Supply Co., Girl, Grizzly, Hurley, Kr3w, Magenta, Primitive, Rebel 8, Stance, Thrasher, Vissla, Yakwax and other popular names ensure that you're getting top quality clothing, accessories and footwear for both sporty/outdoorsy and casual situations. The best part - they're all available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Surf, Skate & Streetwear Clothing For Men

Men's clothing and accessories are more diverse now than decades ago. With men's varying lifestyles and fashion sense, today's brands have a huge assortment based on these factors to separate specific styles. There's casual wear, sportswear, formal wear, corporate wear, street wear, and everything else in between to make each individual's selection easier and convenient.

Men's surf, skate and street wear clothing are the norm not just among surfers, skateboarders and street wear aficionados, but also among teenagers, celebrities, 'guy next door' types, and casual wear-loving guys of all ages.

Let us breakdown the staples:

Tops - Men's tops of the sporty and casual types generally include t-shirts, buttoned and collared shirts, polos, tanks and sleeveless shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts, jackets and all sorts of outerwear for the colder months.

Guys, in general, love the easy to wear tees and tank tops for the summer months and for wearing at home. T-shirts are absolute favourites among sports practitioners specifically skateboarders who wear them anytime, anywhere.

Polos, collared and buttoned shirts are often worn for casual situations such as date nights, informal events/occasions, day jobs that don't require corporate attire.

Outerwear can be light or heavy, depending on the season they are worn for. Lighter sweatshirts and hoodies are common among young men in the university, but older guys in the offices and local businesses also love wearing them.

Heavier outerwear is great for winter months and for those who love skiing and snowboarding. They are thicker and have built-in insulation to keep the wearer from freezing while outdoors. 

Bottomwear - Men's bottomwear include boardshorts, shorts, jeans and trousers for all types of situations. Jeans and boardshorts are among the favourite bottoms of skaters and surfers respectively, but among regular guys these are also staples in their wardrobes. Trousers are ideal for any casual wear and office attire, but they are more relaxed and comfortable to wear.

Accessories - Beanies, socks, caps/hats, sunglasses, underwear and belts are among the essential accessories any man should have within reach. They add style and function to a guy's getup.

Hair and Grooming Products - Men's skin care, and hair and grooming are the norm among many young men of today. Many grow facial hair that regularly needs styling, grooming and trimming. For DIY home care of stache and beard there are gels, shampoos, soaps, creams, oils, conditioners, wax, balms and moisturisers, as well as combs and brushes to help keep skin and facial hair healthy and tangle-free.

Footwear - As diverse as the wearers, footwear for men are available various styles and functions. Shoesand boots specifically designed for skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers and other athletes are crucial for protection and safety. Casual sneakers, boots, sandals and flip flops are made for comfort and style; while insoles and socks are for added protection, padding and comfort.

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