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Women's Toe Socks

When you want more comfortable pair of socks that also help improve circulation on your toes, go for five finger socks for women. Also known as footsies and glove socks, women's toe socks are ideal for casual situations and fitness activities like pilates and yoga. If you need toe socks for women, just browse our cool collection from top brands in our online shop. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax.

Toe Socks for Women

In the 1970's, toe socks became a popular item in the United States when girls wore them with buffalo sandals and clogs. During winter time, they were worn with slip-ons and flip-flops. In the 1990's, five finger socks made a comeback and the item became a novelty specifically among adolescents. They were typically knee-length with bright colours and designs, but still quite practical in keeping feet warm.

In early 2000's, socks with individual toes were available in plain single colours and used as normal feet accessories. In 2011, astronaut Sandra Magnus wore a pair of women's toe socks in space while aboard the International Space Station during the STS-135 mission.

Indeed, toe socks are here to stay for all sorts of activities, seasons and locations. They definitely provide warmth and comfort especially on each individual toe. We've also seen people wear them inside the house especially those who love to go barefoot but hate walking on frigid floors.

So whether you have an active lifestyle or you wish to go to the moon in the near future, foot socks for ladies are a must-have in your wardrobe. They provide protection to your feet and toes, while also preventing bacteria-causing odour due to moisture build-up.

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