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SML Wheels

SML Wheels is a company founded and run by skateboarders who only want to produce top-quality skateboard wheels for riders to enjoy and be proud of. Choose from their selection of Pro, Coffee Cruiser and Grocery Bag series that feature 52mm to 56mm wheels. Match them with SML logo tees for a classic skater style influenced by the icons of skateboarding. If you need new wheels created by skaters for skaters, SML is one of the go-to brands in the industry. Get yours right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

SML Skateboard Wheels, Clothing & Accessories – UK Store

SML Wheels is a company founded and operated by pro skaters James Craig and Austyn Gillette. They are focused on producing high-quality skate wheels that riders can be proud of while having fun shredding. They also want to keep it simple, but with skateboarders in mind when coming up with quality wheels they can ride on the streets and skate parks.

Like most skateboard brands, SML has an excellent team of riders including Mark Suciu, Youness Amrani, Aaron Herrington, Tom Knox, Chris Jones, Josh Pall, Morgan Smith,Devine Calloway, Anton Myhrvold, Max Geronzi, Sammy Montano, James Craig, Dean Palmer, Mike Arnold, Danny Garcia, Raymond Molinar, Justin Drysen and, of course, Austyn Gillette.

The SML riders are featured on many of the brand’s videos. The most notable are the Sml. World series, sml. wheels series, and Small Wheels series. There’s also their Back to the 90’s mix tape of 90’s skateboarding from 1991 to 1996 footages.

Overview of SML Products


  • Pro series – The Pro series wheels feature cool graphics and some of the brand’s team riders; available in 52mm, 52mm, 53mm, 54mm
  • Coffee Cruiser series – These are 78a wheels with 'Coffee Cruiser' print and graphics; available in 50mm, 52mm and 54mm
  • Grocery Bag series – These are white AG Formula wheels with simple branding; available in 51mm, 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 55mm and 56 mm

Apparel – Consist mainly of standard basic logo t-shirts

Accessories and Gift Items – Include cool and affordable sunglasses, pocket skate wax and other small gift items for skaters


  • SkatePAL – SML’s collaboration with SkatePAL features team riders Chris Jones and Sammy Montano. These wheels are available around the world and a portion of the sales goes to SkatePAL’s ongoing projects such as building skate parks and teaching kids in Palestine how to skate.
  • Skateboard Café – These collaborative wheels feature Skateboard Café’s classic ‘donut’ graphic on 52mm, 99a OG wheels. 
  • Luca Beaufort – Artist Lucas Beaufort’s stylings on two collaborative wheels: (1) Danny Garcia OG Wide 53mm, 100a; specifically designed for shredding slick parks and ditches; (2) James Craig OG Skinny 52mm, 100a; specially made for speed and slide.

When it’s time to upgrade your skate wheels, SML is one of the highly recommended brands. Shred with wheels for skaters by skaters! Available here at Yakwax with our awesome FREE UK delivery!