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Surfboard Ding Repair

Ding Repair

A ding on your surfboard can become a headache if not repaired soon. If you want a faster way to do this, it's best to use a surfboard ding repair kit at home. Even without experience, you will be able to do this in a few minutes by simply following the product guide. If you need surfboard repair putty and no-mess repair kits for your next adventure, simply check our selection from top brands Board Bog, FCS, Ocean and Earth, Phix Doctor and Solarez. Enjoy killer FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Surfboard Ding Repair Kits

When you found a fairly small ding on your board, it's best to repair it right away to prevent further damage and costly headaches. If taking your board to a repair shop is not an option, the best solution is to use a surfboard ding repair kit.

Often, board dings are not as bad as you think especially when they are small and manageable to repair yourself. Thanks to modern ding repair products, you can easily fix small to medium dings on your board in a few minutes and with little to zero mess.Polyester, Epoxy and Sun cure resinsare great for travelling surfers and for those who want quick and fast fixes while at the beach.

However, larger damages are a different story. You should take your board to a repair shop if it is too difficult for you to repair the damage yourself. Be ready to spend a higher amount if it ever happens.

Find the ideal surfboard repair kit and other accessories to keep you shredding right here at Yakwax! We carry plenty of leading brands such asBoard Bog,FCS,Ocean and Earth,Phix DoctorandSolarez. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!