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Gifts for Skaters

Gifts for Skaters

Nothing could ever make a skateboarder happy than receiving a gift that interests him. Besides, new skaters may have difficulty finding the right accessories for them because of the many choices out there. At Yakwax, we have categorised gifts for skaters specifically so you'll be able to pick an item other than hardware or tools. You'll find towels, car air fresheners, keychains and mugs among our collection. Shop our selection of gifts for skaters from top brands Crailtap, Independent, Primitive and Sk8Mafia. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

Gifts For Skateboarders - UK Shop

Other than skateboards, complementary tools and accessories are among the top items every skater needs to acquire. But when it comes to miscellaneous items that are not necessarily part of the skateboard itself, skaters have a choice whether to buy them or not. This is the perfect opportunity to gift them with such items particularly on their birthday.

Below are a few suggested gifts for skaters:

  • Insoles - Skate shoes insoles are perfect for shredders since these items are designed to absorb impact and provide cushion to the feet.
  • Towels - Skaters sweat a lot especially after shredding, so it's a good idea to gift them with towels they can take with them on a shredding session. Towels are easy to pack in a backpack together with their t-shirts and other necessities.
  • Keychains and Bottle Openers - Sometimes these two are integrated into one item, which make them ideal for shredders who are always on the go. They can be easily kept in shorts or pants pockets, or as an ornament for backpacks.
  • Multi-tool - This skate tool is an ultimate solution for most skate emergencies and repairs. Definitely, it's a versatile tool and ideal gift for a busy rider.

Find cool gifts for your young shredder or pick something for a skater-friend who will soon celebrate his/her birthday. We have them here at Yakwax from world famous brands Huf, Lakai, Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz. All with FREE UK delivery!