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Pencil Cases

Pencil Cases

These days, most boys want to be cool and hip even in the smallest of things. For the skate and surf fan, only a cool pencil case will appeal to his distinct style. Our pencil pouches have the right amount of cool without compromising their main function. So if you want to be the cool kid at school, browse our pencil cases from some of the world's top-notch brands. Get FREE UK delivery on all surf and skate style pencil cases, bags and accessories at

School Pencil Cases

Some of the modern school pencil cases no longer come in cheesy colours and designs. Even if those still exist, youngsters of today are quite specific when it comes to items and accessories they bring and use at school.

This is especially true for school boys in their early teens. They do not want those cheesy, ultra colourful pencil cases that are too bulky that they don't fit right inside their school bags. If you are one of them or you are a parent who is in search of a cool school gift for your kid, it is high time to go for surf and skate style pencil case.

A school pencil case is such an ideal gift for any occasion because it offers function and a trendy style that boring and tacky ones cannot rival. We have the best alternative that certainly appeals to surf and skateboard fans out there, as well as the kid that cares about his street cred. So make sure to check our pencil pouches from various top brands we carry.

Here at Yakwax we will also throw in FREE UK delivery as standard; we offer worldwide shipping as well.