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Snowboard + Ski Wax

Snowboard& Ski Wax

Snowboard and ski waxing and edging are essential tasks that help improve performance on the slopes. In general, there are varying snow conditions that can affect a snowboarder's and skier's performance. Using irons and waxing kits are absolute tools that make wax application easy and quick. So be sure to stock up on snowboard and ski wax from top brands like Dakine and Zardoz. Available here at Yakwax with killer FREE UK delivery!

Ski & Snowboard Wax - UK Store

Professional skiers and snowboarders always aim for speed and flawless glide on the snowy slopes. To help achieve the desired speed and performance, waxing their skis and boards on a regular basis is a must. Waxing also protects your gear from abrasions and makes turning and gliding on curves smoother and more foreseeable.

A few helpful tips when waxing your ski or snowboard:

  • Use stone for the edges prior to applying wax.
  • Brush out the base to clean the surface of your snowboard.
  • Melt wax onto the board base.
  • Iron in and wait to cool to room temperature.
  • Scrape the wax, brush it out, polish and you're set to ride.

With various elements, temperature and different types of snow present on the mountain, it's ideal to pick the right wax for your snowboard based on these factors. Start by assessing your level of skiing or snowboarding skill, and the snow conditions you typically shred on.

Top brands likeDakine and Zardoz address these issues with their ski and snowboard wax selections. Make sure to check the label to see which type of wax suits your riding style.

Shop for snowboard/ski wax and other accessories here at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!