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Belts for Boys

A belt is more than just a fashion accessory especially to young skateboarders. Although it's no secret that boys' belts are stylish and cool, they are still essential for their main purpose and that is to hold the pants or shorts in place especially when the wearer moves a lot. If your kid loves skateboarding or has an active lifestyle, he will need belts for casual situations and for his outdoor activities. Check our collection of cool web and casual belts for boys from today's top skate and streetwear brands. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

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We've seen young skateboarding lads who made a mistake of not wearing belts while shredding. Some were lucky enough to have pants that hung on to their waist and hips, while others, well let's just say they had to answer big time to their mums to whatever happened to their trousers.

Yep, we all need one, especially the younger generations of skateboarders to avoid certain mistakes. This is why belts were created. They serve a primary function in securing trousers in their place especially when the wearer is on the move.

If your kid loves any outdoor activity that involves lots of movements, it is a definite necessity to give and make him wear a belt for his age and size. Finding cool belts for boys is not difficult and you should make him choose what he likes based on his favourite colour and personal preferences.

Make your kid's favourite activity safer and more enjoyable by giving him a new cool casual or web belt to match his getup. Shop from our collection of renowned skate and streetwear brands. All with FREE UK delivery when you order today at Yakwax!