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Men's Long + Tube Socks

Men's Long & Tube Socks

Long and tube length socks will bring you back to the ancient roman times when socks were being utilised as protective footwear. As the years go by, long socks have switched into a fashion statement and as part of sports apparel. They have become so popular in many leagues and sports events such as soccer, baseball, basketball, skateboarding, snowboarding and marathon. There's only one renowned brand that brings out the best in socks, no matter the type or length, and that is Stance. You can get their long/tube socks here at Yakwax together with our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Long & Tube Length Socks for Men

Long and tube socks for men were first introduced in the US and worn with all kinds of bottoms - from shorts to pants. In some counties such as the Middle East, wearing long socks are necessary for protection against dust and extreme heat.

The high knee socks lasted longer and today they are acknowledged as a valuable addition to fashion as part of one's apparel and accessories, and they are available in funky designs and patterns.

In order to get the right tube socks, first consider your primary purpose for wearing them. If you are buying for a costume party, you may opt for a colourful pair with playful patterns. But if you will need them for a sporting event or outdoor activity, look for something plain and fitted, and make sure it is of high quality to ensure comfort and durability.

Long socks can be thicker than the usual crew or ankle socks, since they are often used for athletic purposes. If you need a pair of tube socks right now, it's best to choose the ones from Stance for their top-notch quality. You can get them here at Yakwax together with our rad FREE UK delivery.