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Recognised as the strongest and lightest in the market, Thunder skateboard trucks are made with quality materials that facilitate smooth and easy riding for skaters. They are also known for popularising pro model signature trucks such as those of the pro skaters in their riding team. The cool and colourful graphics on Thunder skateboard trucks add appeal and interest. When it's time to replace your skateboard trucks, Thunder have an excellent collection that are built to last even on extreme terrain and gnarly handrails. Get them here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery service!

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Trucks are among the most crucial components of skateboards since these parts have several elements that directly affect the movements and performance of skaters. The main parts of a skateboard truck include axels, kingpins, bushings and hangers.

Among today's top brands of skateboard trucks that meet the varying needs of skaters is Thunder - a San Francisco based company owned by Deluxe Distribution. Thunder was founded in 1986 and it is known for producing skateboard trucks that fit a wide range of riding styles.

One of the World's Most Trusted Brands in Skateboard Trucks

Thunder trucks are known for having topnotch qualities such as excellent quick turning response, and they are extremely stable and durable. It's clear to see why they have a long list of professional riders that have tried and tested, and are continually using Thunder trucks as their truck of choice on the streets or on ramps.

The company's popularity can be attributed also to their signature pro models and the innovative and often cool designs that cater to all types and levels and tastes of skaters. We've seen quite a number of amateur skaters on various forums that attest to the great qualities of Thunder trucks. Some felt that the trucks are too affordable for their superb characteristics, but that's what these trucks are all about - excellent performance, quality and a fair price that's within reach of the avid yet everyday skater.

The versatility of Thunder trucks is also something that springs to mind. We like the fact that the trucks have different sizes and the designs are well-thought of. Whether you love a standard-looking skate truck or one with a colourful graphic design, Thunder trucks have them among their range of both standard and signature pro trucks.

"The Leader In Control" is the primary mantra of Thunder trucks. This is owed to the fact that their products are made with high-grade metals such as titanium and aluminum (baseplates), and aircraft-grade hollow kingpins with proven strength and durability. The unmatched levels of Thunder trucks' strength and control are guaranteed to last for many years.

Home to Numerous Pro Skateboarding Icons

The list of team riders on Thunder's website is long and impressive. The names of the pro skaters are a testament to the quality of skateboard trucks that the company constantly produce over the years. With their continued use and testing of the various ranges of trucks, the company is also evolving in terms of their designs and technology.

You can never go wrong with Thunder trucks when you see names such as Sean Malto, Shane O'Neill, Dylan Rieder (R.I.P.), Tom Asta, Neen Williams, Keith Hufnagel, James Hardy, Ishod Wair, Dan Plunkett, John Fitzgerald, JP Souza, Elliot Sloan, Stevie Perez, Mark Suciu and many more pro skaters you can check out on the 'Team' page of their website.

Often tried, tested and compared by keen skateboarders from all over the globe, Thunder trucks often end up at the top of their lists. There's no question that this brand stands out among pros and amateurs alike for the superb quality and performance of their products.

If you've been thinking of which skateboard trucks to try next, Thunder should be number one in your options. Get them right here at Yakwax and receive our rad FREE UK delivery service!