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Footprint Kingfoam

Footprint Kingfoam

Impact on the skater's feet and knees should never be overlooked, that's why Footprint Kingfoam insoles are a definite must when you're on the streets doing your favourite tricks. Developed by skaters for skaters, these insoles absorb maximum impact - taking the load off your feet, ankles and knees. Footprint Kingfoam's custom orthotics also addresses the uniqueness of every skater's arch through insoles that provide nano technology impact protection. Don't go skating without proper feet cushioning. Get your Footprint Kingfoam insoles and other impact protection right here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.

Footprint Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles - Online UK Store

Footprint Kingfoam Insoles address the fact that Knee and foot injuries are a serious matter especially for skateboarders and snowboarders. These risks can hamper any skater's career without warning and with serious aftermaths. While there are shoes particularly for skateboarding and high tech boots for snowboarding, you can never be sure about the protection they provide. Unless you use additional protection such as orthotic insoles the long term effects on your critical joints can be extremely damaging.

A product that changed the way skaters and snowboarders have looked at insoles is Footprint Kingfoam. This company created one of the 'game changers' (literally and figuratively) in skate products. Footprint Kingfoam's Gamechanger orthotics insoles have been tried and tested numerous times by third-party labs and individual skaters from across the globe. You can also check YouTube videos uploaded by some of the skaters if you want to see what they have discovered.

Footprint Kingfoam's diverse team of professionals include (Skate) Guy Mariano, Jaws Homoki, Brandon Biebel, Joey Brezinski, Kelvin Hoefler, Jack Curtin, Dane Burman, Felipe Gustavo, Terry Kennedy, Kevin Romar, Daniel Espinoza, Shmatty Chaffin, (Snow) Terje Haakonsen, Dan Brisse, Christy Prior, (BMX) Steve Croteau, Ty Morrow, Garret Reynolds, Shawn Macintosh, Colin Varanyak, Sean Ricany, and (Moto) Makken Haugen.

Footprint isn't just about protecting feet. They also offer other products such as heel pads, knee and elbow protectors, apparel, headwear, sandals and joint therapy powder supplement.

Good News to Skaters

Footprint Kingfoam is owned and founded by skater Jason Guadalajara in 2011, in Los Angeles, California. The founder himself has suffered from the harsh impacts of landing on his feet without ample protection. After trying other products in the past, he thought about developing his own insoles that are focused mainly on skaters.

At the beginning, it was challenging to sell the insoles even online. It took a bit more time to gain traction and trust of the target market. But with good old 'word of mouth', local skaters passed on the news to their fellow skaters. Video and written reviews are also abundant which helped spread the word about these game-changing insoles.

A Must-have Impact Protection for Skaters

The primary concerns of most skaters after years of grinding and doing ollies and tricks are the aches and pains on their ankles, feet, knees and hips. These are likely to be caused by the impact on the arch which usually carries all of the weight upon impact (typically when landing on hard concrete roads, skate parks and pavements).

Regular insoles do not have the capacity to absorb impact upon landing on concrete ground. While orthopaedic custom-made insoles are available, they are definitely more costly than using Footprint Kingfoam orthotic insoles.

Footprint's high-density memory foam is made of artificial cartilage foam which contains three times more material per millimetre thickness than all other foams. Coined as 'arti-lage', this foam is used in military submarines and tanks to protect troops from blasts.

Benefits if Impact Protection Insoles

Footprint Kingfoam insoles convert impact energy into heat before it damages the body. These insoles provide protection against injuries and other risks, and also support the arch to enable the wearer to last longer and perform better.

Walking with FK orthotics allows the feet to sync into the foam which provides maximum board feel, comfort and custom arch support. Upon impact (such as landing from a jump), the foam becomes firm as it absorbs 90% of impact energy, while also providing custom orthotic support.

If you feel pain from the knees down, it is highly likely you are suffering from the impact of skateboarding. A fast solution is to upgrade your insoles by checking our collection of Footprint Kingfoam orthotics which will keep you riding harder and longer even when you get older. You can get them here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery.