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Among the many lifestyle brands that "walk the talk" is Carve. Known for their rad sunglasses and sports eyewear, it's no wonder that even non-board riders love their products. Carve shades, in particular are aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective, making them great alternatives for expensive high-end brands and a massive favourite among surfers and skaters. You will find retro, iconic and trendy styles in their collection, so there's no need to look somewhere else. Whether you need sunglasses for fashion, function or sport, there's always one (or two) that awaits you among our collection of Carve eyewear - all with FREE UK delivery.

Carve Sunglasses - Shop Online with Free UK Delivery

Carve is one of today's surf lifestyle companies that literally carved its way into the lives and wardrobes of surfers and snowboarders. This millennial brand's designs and styles encompass both fashion and sports, making their products easily acceptable and accessible to all.

One of the key considerations in investing in Carve eyewear is the affordability. We all know how expensive high-end brands can be and they are often unattainable especially for the young groms out there. Many independent 'surf and snow' brands start out this way because the founders behind them know the lifestyle costs of their favourite outdoor activities. You will always need apparel, gear and accessories not just for style, but most importantly for function and safety.

Visionary Eyewear for Surfers and Snowboarders

Carve was launched in Sydney, Australia in 1998. Its founders are avid surfers Matt Whyte and Gary Georges whose initial goal was to make their mark in the Australian and Indonesian markets. The founders saw opportunity in the snow sports market and wasted no time in placing their name in various surfing and snowboarding events by providing sponsorships to prominent individuals and champs.

The popularity of Carve, as a brand, grew dramatically thanks to their practical designs and fashion-forward styles that brought their products to other parts of the globe. Together with their brand ambassadors such as Stuart Kennedy, Clay Marzo, Sunny Garcia, Trent Munro, Shane Campbell and many others, Carve continuously make their presence known to many locations and sports events.

UV Protection and Polarised Eyewear

Two of the most notable qualities of Carve eyewear are their polarised sunglasses and UV protection.

UV protection eyewear is advantageous to someone who frequents the beach or the icy slopes especially when the sun is high. Carve's polarised sunglasses with UV protection is a great product for any season and you'll be getting the benefits of two different eyewear in one. Plus, let's not forget the stylish designs of their sunglasses and other types of eyewear for surfing, snowboarding and chilling out either on the beach or during a well earned Après on the slopes.

The Carve Team

Carve is keen on sponsorships and team approach to disseminating their brand throughout the world. Many of their brand ambassadors come from the different locations that the company is currently marketing in. Like when the company launched in the US, they made sure that Clay Marzo and Sunny Garcia are picked to represent their topnotch shades in the country.

Awesome Features on Every Pair of Eyewear

Part of Carve's dedication to customers is their use of quality materials and innovation in creating their signature shades and eyewear. You can expect each pair of sunglasses/eyewear to possess the top three features the brand is known for: 100% UV protection, polycarbonate frames and polarised lenses. Such features allow the company to provide the best quality and value in the market.

If you want eyewear for surfing, snowboarding or chill time, Carve offers an excellent collection without burning a hole in your wallet. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Carve eyewear - from sporty to laid-back situations, to stylish weekends, and to everyday chic. Many of their products transcend genders and genres, as well as age and sports preferences.

So, to put it simply - there's always a pair of Carve eyewear that can rival even the expensive styles, while providing superb benefits that the brand is known for. When you buy a pair of Carve sunglasses online at Yakwax surf and skate shop you will receive our awesome Free Delivery service as standard.