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Beach Towels

Beach Towels

Beach towels are longer and wider than the regular bath towels we all have at home. These are great for laying on the sand and for drying off after a swim or surf. If you love surfing and the brands associated with the sport, you will surely love our collection of towels and ponchos from top brands FCS, Grizzly, Hurley, Ocean And Earth and Vissla. Get yours today at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Beach Towels for Men, Women and Kids

Swimmers and surfers may have different activities in mind, but one of the things that are common to them is taking beach towels wherever they need to. Some beach-goers use a beach towel to lay on the sand and have another extra for drying after swimming. Surfers on the other hand do not usually lay on the sand, but they need bigger towels to dry off and use as barrier when changing from wetsuit to dry clothes.

Typical beach towels available in retail stores are often thinner and super lightweight; thus, cannot completely dry you off after a surfing session. These are often made to be laid out on the sand and used as a beach or picnic mat. What swimmers and surfers need are functional beach towels to dry them off and cover them up while changing clothes.

If you're looking for a beach towel for your surfing adventures, it's ideal to choose one from renowned surf accessories brands likeFCS, Grizzly, Hurley, Ocean And Earth and Vissla. You can get them right here at Yakwax with our amazing FREE UK delivery!