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Men's Jeans

Men's Jeans

Men's jeans are every guy's bottom wear staple, whether for everyday wear or for casual occasions. They are versatile and available in different fits, colours and washes to match every guy's style. Create an effortless skate and street style with relaxed fit men's denim jeans paired with casual tops and sneakers. For a date night, pick slim fit jeans for guys and match with a polo top and loafers for a relaxed, polished look. Shop at Yakwax for men's denim pants from top brands DC, Globe, Hurley, Vissla and Volcom among others. All with FREE UK delivery.

Jeans For Men

Jeans for men have been around since the 1860's, thanks to Bavarian peddler, Levi Strauss. He came to America to sell goods but ended up creating sturdy trousers for workers during the Gold Rush. Fast forward to the 21st century and men's jeans are more popular than ever.

They may have started as humble work trousers, but today, they are a must-have in every guy's wardrobe. True to function and form, jeans are the epitome of versatility. You will still see guys wearing their good old denims whilst working in their garage or running errands.

These beloved pants have evolved over the years. With varying styles, washes and colours, men can choose the ideal pair for every occasion. You'll find several styles or fits for the modern man such as relaxed or loose fit, regular straight, slim fit and skinny jeans. They appeal to every type of guy, as long as they fit properly, you can never go wrong.

In the world of streetwear and boardsports, men's jeans are truly a staple. They never go out of style and always look great no matter how old and over-worn they are. We think the more you wear them, the cooler they look especially when paired with a t-shirt.

Need new men's jeans in your wardrobe?

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