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Sun Protection

Sun Protection Products

Surfers are among the most vulnerable when it comes to skin cancer and other conditions caused by too much sun exposure. Protecting the skin with sun creams or sunblock lotions should always be a top priority and it is vital for everyone's skin health. Whether you're a surfer, swimmer or an avid beach goer, make sure you have proper skin protection. Get your surf sunblock or zinc sunscreen from today's renowned brands such as Swox and many others right here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery!

Sun Cream, Zinc & Sunblock to Protection you while you Surf

Ultraviolet rays from the sun, water reflection and sand are the major culprits of surfers' skin damage. This is often irreversible especially when the skin is exposed for as little as 15 minutes.

Just by thinking of prolonged exposure to the sun, it is impossible not to fear the worst damage on skin. Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer and it kills thousands of people in many Western countries. Using sun creams with zinc and high SPF (30 or higher) is crucial in preventing skin cancer and other possible damages.

The perfect sunblock for surfers is waterproof, but due to the nature of their sport, it is best to re-apply after two hours of surfing. Wearing proper attire helps in reducing exposure to UV rays and other factors. Wetsuits, rash vests, neoprene shorts and other surf accessories provide SPF protection, but the exposed skin should always be applied (generously) with sun cream.

Don't neglect your skin while surfing. Get your surf sunscreen from some of the world's best brands including Swox, available here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery!