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Men's Shorty + Spring Wetsuits

Men's Spring Suits & Shorty

The warmer temperatures of spring time call for comfortable and shorter swimming attire. This is why men's spring and shorty wetsuits are great for this season. Not only for avid surfers but for any guy who loves the water. Men's wetsuitsfor spring and summer months provide warmth and protection especially when you're engaged in all types of water sports. We carry renowned surf brands Alder - all with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Shorty & Spring Wetsuits For Men

When the sun is up and the ocean waves call you in the early morning, there's nothing left to do but go for it, right?

It is true that surfing and other water sports are best enjoyed in spring to summer months. But the waters are often cooler in the early mornings and late afternoons to early evenings, with the irresistible swells that surfers are known to wait for. While there are boardshorts and rash vest combo available in your closet, the more appropriate shorty wetsuit is ideal to fend off the cold waters.

Men's spring wetsuits are not just for insulation purposes, but for protection and comfort as well. You can move more freely and enjoy your favourite water sports and recreational swimming with this type of wetsuit. They often come in long or short sleeves with short bottoms of up to above the knee length. The most common is the 2mm shorty wetsuit which is just the right thickness for enjoying the chilly morning waves on a warm spring day.

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