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Alder Wetsuits and Surfing Accessories

Alder is an established and internationally renowned brand of innovative water sports apparel and equipment. This Devon-based company is also known for their California-style surf wear which they made available for avid surfers and other water sports participants since the 1960's. Whenever you need wetsuits for all seasons, board shorts, surfboards and surf gear, snorkelling equipment, haulage, and even rental products, Alder is the brand to look for whether you're based in the UK or anywhere else in the world. No need to look further! Get your Alder watersports gear and apparel right here at Yakwax and receive our FREE UK delivery service.

Alder Surf and Water sports Products UK

One of the longest standing (and still going strong) brands in the sportswear industry is Alder. With 50 years in business, they are well-established and know the primary needs of the core market.

Alder utilise innovation in their product design and strategies. They also employ tenured product developers who are experts in the surfing industry. With these intangible assets, the company continuously provide excellent and exciting range of winter and summer wetsuits for men, women and kids, accessories and boards for all ages and skill levels.

The popularity of board sports since the 60's was the primary reason why Alder exist to this day. The company is also known for supporting and sponsoring surfing competitions, local surf schools and non-profit organisations dealing with sports.

Alder have as amazing list of watersports products and accessories - from wetsuits, long/short johns, neoprene accessories, surfboards, body boarding items, leashes, dive and snorkelling accessories, to haulage and transport products, ponchos, watersports essentials, as well as rental products for surf schools, surfing, body boarding, gorge walking, and coasteering.

Currently they have a list of team riders who try, test and promote their wetsuits and boards; these include Danny Catten, Shane Meehan, Nico, Mark Boyd, Conor Maguire, Jordan Symm, Sam Scoble, Saskia and Imogen Sills, Joao Dantas, Claire male, and Ben Bennet.

Fulfilling the Surf Wear Needs of the 60's

Founded and operated by Bob and Anne Westlake in 1966, Alder started out as small family business making winter wetsuits and board shorts in the family garage.

Bob's love for surfing led him to stitching a wetsuit that can withstand and stave off the cold Atlantic waters. However, it was Anne's seamstress skills and some curtain material that started the Alder boardsports. They were often begged to provide a pair of boardies by the local surfers since there were no commercial brands creating and selling them.

Maintaining the Local Family Business Vibe Amidst Commercialism

Alder is still a family owned and operated company despite their success in the wetsuit and board sports industry. They have been involved with other companies such as Gotcha, Clarke Foam and BZ boogie boards. Their biggest break, however, was when they worked with Airwalk shoes. But this connection meant trouble for Alder; even if the company have been experiencing success, it was more difficult for them to control the brand.

The Westlake's had to step back and return to the values in which the business was founded on. They returned to being a local family business even though they have become a renowned brand in the coastal parts of the UK and Europe in a span of five decades.

The founders have mentioned on an interview that the company and the people working for the Westlake's are considered family; they have also learned from their errors as much as from their design improvements; and connecting with the local customers was among their primary goals for the business.

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