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Wetsuit Repair

Wetsuit Repair

The normal wear and tear of wetsuits is enough reason to always have repair glue in you gear bag. This is especially helpful when you're travelling to surf in various locations since there's a high probability of nicks and breakages on surf wear. Choose an adhesive that's quick-drying, so you can go back to surfing in no time. Here at Yakwax, we only offer the best brands in wetsuit repair such as Mc Nett and Ocean And Earth. All with FREE UK delivery!

Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Glue

Taking care of your wetsuit is part of being a surfer. The task becomes next to nature especially when you're travelling to surf. Travelling, handling and the usual wear and tear can cause breaks and nicks on surf wear, so you'll need repair glue just in case.

Preventing nicks and punctures on wetsuits is not always easy. As much as you can, avoid standing or sitting on rough and hard surfaces such as rocks and drift woods. Also, when putting on or taking off your wetsuit, make sure you do not have rings, watches and other accessories that might damage the material. Long fingernails are also known to break the neoprene, so be cautious and always bring neoprene repair glue for quick fixes.

Preventing nicks and punctures on wetsuit is not always easy especially when it's frequently used. Surfing destinations also have elements that can cause damage to surfers' gear and wear. The best you can do is be prepared for those instances and have the necessary surf accessories on-hand especially when it comes to your wetsuit.

Get your neoprene wetsuit repair glue right here at Yakwax! We only carry the best brands in neoprene adhesive such as Mc NettandOcean And Earth. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!