Balaclavas & Facemasks

Balaclavas and facemasks worn by snowboarder and skiers have become essential headgear for protecting the wearer. Designed to protect the head and neck from extreme cold, balaclavas or ski masks are often made with knitted cloth or thick fabric to keep the wearer warm from the neck up. If you want stylish headgear before wearing a safety helmet and goggles, go for Globe and Volcom balaclavas and ski masks, available here at Yakwax. All with amazing FREE UK delivery!

Balaclavas & Face Masks For Snowboarding & Skiing

Balaclavas and facemasks are flexible headgears which are often made with a type of fabric, and worn by skiers, snowboarders and motorcyclists. Generally, they are made of neoprene, fleece, nylon, Lycra, acrylic, cotton and wool.

Also referred to as ski mask, this headgear is an essential accessory for skiers and snowboarders, as well as the casual fan who loves watching the shredders up and down the slopes. They are designed to protect the neck up to the head, with design options particularly on how you want your face to be covered – front of face uncovered or only the eyes, nose and mouth are uncovered. Low temperatures on the mountains can go from manageable to extreme, so proper protection and coverage are crucial to stay outdoors for longer periods.

A Bit of History

The origin of the balaclava is not as fun as the outdoor activities they are often used for.

The term ‘balaclava’ means ‘woolen head covering’ which was especially worn by soldiers during the Crimean War. Balaclava as a name of the village adjacent Sebastopol, Russia – the site where the war took place in 1854. However, the term ‘Balaclava helmet’ (original term), wasn’t used or mentioned prior 1881. The headgear was believed to have been extensively used during the Boer War.

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Balaclavas + Facemasks

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