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Fashion accessories can make or break your overall look. But skaters and surfers have become style icons in their own ways without trying, thanks to their laid-back fashion and use of simple, yet functional accessories. Streetwear aficionados are a bit different since they emulate a more upgraded version of the skater and surfer look. Even the simplest style can look cool with the right fashion accessories, proper hair grooming and gear you use for your favourite sport. Find yours here at Yakwax from top brands Brixton, Cheapo, Death Lens, Diamond Supply Co., eS, FCS, Globe, Grizzly, Dakine, Hurley, Hubba, Magenta, Nectar, Pro and Hop, Ocean and Earth, Rusty, SP Gadgets, Vissla and Von Zipper and many others. All with FREE UK delivery!

Accessories for Men & Kids

Looking great and using aesthetically pleasing accessories and products to complement sporty attire for surfing, skating or workout has become an evolving trend. It's absolutely become a necessity for people with active lifestyles. The designs are endless when in comes to choosing the best surf, skate and streetwear fashion accessories. However, it is crucial to purchase from reputable brands to ensure quality.

Below are several must-have accessories recommended for individuals like you who love to surf, skate and enjoy an active lifestyle:

Fashion Accessories

To complement your surf, skate or streetwear style, fashion accessories such as beanies, belts, hats/caps, socks for men and women, and sunglasses can add a touch of cool quite easily. These are easy accessories to wear and match with your usual getup, so it's also easy to update whenever you need to.

Other accessories such as bags and backpacks, underwear, watches, lanyards, garment footwear protection, wallets and air fresheners are obtained primarily for their function. With numerous top brands in our collection, it's a lot easier to pick the styles and designs that suit your lifestyle and personal taste.

Action Cameras and Accessories

The crisp, clear photos and videos you get for all the performances you make are priceless compared to the amount you invest on high-quality action cameras and accessories. Owning an action camera and accessories allows you to engage in your favourite sports and adventures, while capturing the moment as they happen and then sharing them to family and friends.

Superb camera accessories will enable you to capture the action in high-definition. Make sure to invest on mounts, poles and underwater accessories to help you record the action on proper angles and in places you love to showcase. Other items to consider are phone accessories and camera cases especially if you love to travel with your gadgets.

Men's Hair and Grooming

Men's hair and grooming products are becoming more innovative these days. Brands know how to wow the end-users especially men with super active lifestyles. There's hair styling mouse/gels, skin care, moustache and beard care, combs and brushes, shampoo and conditioner to choose from. Whether you stock up on all or just a few of these hair and grooming products, choosing the right one from top-notch brands in our collection is a good start.

Kids' Accessories

If you have kids who love surfing, skateboarding or both, it is now convenient to shop for accessories that provide comfort and style to your kids' getup. For kids who are not into sports or for those who love watching sports and enjoying being fans, they too can enjoy the coolest belts, beanies, hats and caps, socks, underwear and other complementary items from various renowned brands have a huge selection of fashion accessories for kids that they will enjoy wearing anytime, anywhere.

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