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Duffle Bags

Duffle Bags

When we think of duffle bags, we often associate them with active people who go to gyms. But for the most part, many active and sporty people appreciate the convenience and lightweight qualities of the gym duffle bag. They are also high-capacity and offer flexibility especially to frequent travellers or commuters. Whether you love travelling, going to the gym, or transporting sports gear, there's a duffle bag that will definitely fit your active lifestyle. Browseour duffle bags from some of the world's top skate, surf and streewear brands we carry. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

Duffle & Gym Bags

Thesuper versatile duffle bag is a piece of lifestyle accessory that many active people, travellers and business folks have in their possession.

Somehow, duffle bags become the next best option for travellers who want to travel light and not carry huge suitcases. Smaller sports duffle bags are ideal for sports and gym goers. There are skateboarders and surfers who use these bags as well, especially when they bring personal items and extra clothes during meet-ups or events.

It also seems that a bit of travelling and transporting goods are connected to the need for duffle bags for men who are doing business in various places. If you have seen commuters carrying these bags, it is possible they are carrying products or gear for their customers that live in a different city.

When not in use, duffle bags can be folded down and kept in a closet for later use. They are often made of various materials including leather, but we've seen many that are made of washable fabric. If you're looking for a duffle bag, check our collection from various top brands we carry. All with FREE UK delivery and worldwide shipping when you order at Yakwax!