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Skateboard Trucks


Trucks, like any other skateboard component, are critically important because they contribute on the way you ride your board. Choosing the right trucks, knowing the features and learning their function will not only help you skate effectively but also make you a better skater. Skateboard wheels won't work if trucks are not properly in place and they enable the rider to do tricks and shred. Shop for skateboard trucks from the world's top brands Independent, Krux, Silver Trucks and Thunder. Enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

Skateboard Trucks - UK Store

Skateboard trucks are crucial components of a skateboard. They are necessary parts that aid in movement - such as turning the board left or right; grinding on ledges and rails; and ramp coping. If you love cruising downhill, your choice of skate trucks will also have huge impact on how smoothly and/or fast you cruise.

Trucks are typically made of aluminium alloy and are T-shaped. They are mounted onto the undersides of skateboards where the bearings and wheels are securely attached. The major components of a skateboard truck are the axels, kingpins, hangers and bushings, which all have influence on the board's performance. The size and type of truck you use can affect your stability and the tricks you can and cannot do. However, adjustments can always be made on the truck or on the other parts to fit your riding style.

The wide array of sizes, styles and colours of skateboard trucks may be a little bit daunting to most newbie riders. But essentially, it is easier to choose the ideal skate truck based on your skateboarding style - whether vert, street, longboarding or cruising, you'll find what fits your riding style.

You'll find a great assortment of skateboard trucks here at the Yakwax store. We carry numerous renowned skate hardware brands such as Independent,Krux,Silver TrucksandThunder. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!