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Rip N Dip Skate Clothing

If you love funny, quirky, with a bit of naughty design on your skate wear, Rip N Dip has the perfect pieces that truly stand out from the crowd. Founded in 2009 by skater Ryan Connor, Rip N Dip started as a small skate clothing company, but it has become famous among skaters and street style aficionados over the years. It is one of the industry’s most popular skate clothing brands that continues to rise.

Rip N Dip Skate Clothing & Accessories – UK Shop 

It all started at a Pennsylvania skate camp in the summer of 2006, when Ryan O’Connor scribbled “Rip N Dip” on kids’ skateboards that caught their attention. After seeing the young riders’ excitement, Ryan designed tees with the phrase on them which ultimately became the brand name of his skate company. The initial headquarters of the company was in Orlando, Florida until they moved to Los Angeles, California in 2018. 

With a small investment of $500 from his dad, Ryan bought a screen printer and a small stock of t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets for his initial offering. When he began featuring the quirky and naughty cat named Lord Nermal, the products went viral. 

The first flagship store was opened in Los Angeles in August 2018 which featured the Rip N Dip iconic cat. The company’s other flagship store is in Tokyo, which stands out among other clothing shops in the city because of the naughty Lord Nermal displayed at the shop’s entrance. 

Across the globe, there are about a thousand clothing shops and boutique skate stores that carry the brand name. The printables are manufactured within L.A.; while cut-and-sew is carried out in China to keep the prices within reach of Rip N Dip’s target market. 


Rip N Dip has collaborated with famous YouTubers Teddy Fresh and h3h3. Specifically, the Teddy Fresh collab hoodies, tote bags and air fresheners were big hits among Rip N Dip fans. 

Quirky & Colourful Skate and Street Wear and Accessories 

The popularity of Rip N Dip is heavily based on its quirky cat character. But the brand is also known for putting out eye-catching skate clothing and accessories in a wide variety of colour schemes and prints. So, if you want to stand out among the rest of the skaters at the park, you will surely achieve it by wearing one of the many colourful and interesting pieces from Rip N Dip’s collection. 

Currently, the brand has a wide variety of clothing and accessories, footwear and skateboard decks. You will also find seasonal or collaborative collections that may suit your style. So, if you’re new to Rip N Dip, just browse through our collection and place your order here at Yakwax that comes with our FREE UK delivery!