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Keyrings & Lanyards

Keys are often misplaced especially when you're out and about. This can happen to anyone and it can be truly frustrating when you're already tired but cannot open your apartment door. So true for people with active lifestyles since they often travel to compete or train. Securing your keys and smaller items, like pen drives and electronic pass, is easier with a neck lanyard. Get the coolest ID and key lanyards, and other accessories from world-famous brands right here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery.

Cool Keyrings & Lanyards

When your trousers’ pockets failed in securing your keys and IDs, you'd better get a neck lanyard as soon as possible. Many people have been using this item as a means to secure and remember their keys and smaller items like pen drives, badges and IDs.

People with active lifestyles are among the victims of failed pockets and misplaced or lost keys. This scenario is even more frustrating if you are in a different city or country. Losing the electronic key to your hotel room can be problematic and downright costly, especially if you're staying at an expensive hotel. You'll need to pay for the lost key aside from being locked out of your room for hours.

If you're involved in boardsports, like snowboarding or skateboarding for instance, it's better to get a key and ID lanyard which lessens the possibilities of losing hotel and/or locker keys. This type of accessory  is usually worn around the neck and underneath a t-shirt or jacket especially during an event.

Tired of losing keys, IDs and badges while you're engaged in your favourite activity? Get your skate and snowboard lanyard from popular brands we carry. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!