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Crupie is a fairly new skate wheel brand that's owned and founded by pro skateboarders. They are known primarily for their innovative skate wheels, but Crupie also offers skate apparel, accessories and leather goods. Complement your skateboard with a durable set of wheels by shopping for Crupie wheels today! Available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery.

Crupie Skateboard Wheels - UK Store

Crupie is considered one of the industry's newest skateboard wheel brands. They specialise on skate wheels, but they do have other relevant products such as clothing (t-shirts and jackets) and leather goods (notebooks, backpacks, credit card holders and bifolds).

Founded by pro skaters Carlos Ribeiro and Tiago Lemos, the company's full title is Crupie Multicultural Skateboard Wheels. The 'multicultural' tagline represents the encompassing reach of the brand which includes their team riders from North and South America, as well as the diverse skaters from the USA, Brazil and Spain.

In general, Crupie wheels are harder than most skateboard wheels at 101a duro with smaller diameter range. They are ideally more appropriate for skating on smooth surfaces and will help you perform well if you're into technical and ledge skating. You might find these wheels quite difficult to use if you prefer rough or uneven terrain.

Currently, the Crupie team riders includes Joey Brezinski, Javier Sarmiento, Rodrigo Petersen, Daniel Espinoza, Danny Cerezini, Carlos Iqui, Shmatty Chaffin and the two founders. These skaters do a lot of travelling and filming, so it's ideal watch their videos on YouTube and see the wheels in action.

Innovative Wheels at a More Affordable Price

It is a fact that wheels are part of a skateboard that wears down quite rapidly especially for technical skaters who love speed and tricks. So, it's essential to always have a budget set aside for buying a set of wheels every once in a while.

Crupie's Apex Technology is their latest wheel formula that guarantees 'advanced flat spot resistance' that looks eternally white even after months of skating. What's great about these wheels and all other Crupie wheels is they are sourced out directly from urethane manufacturers; thus, enabling the company to provide skaters with high-performance wheels at reasonable prices.

If you are more of a technical skater, it is likely you have encountered Crupie skate wheels while browsing on the internet. They have a great selection of pro signature urethane wheels with interesting graphic designs, as well as plain/standard whites. Grab a set here at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!