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Surf Accessories

Surf Accessories

Surfing comes in various forms like body boarding, knee boarding, surf matting, paddle boarding, wakesurfing and windsurfing. To surf at your best and enjoy any of these activities, you will need reliable accessories and equipment. Depending on the type of surfer you are or the kind of waves you're shredding, there is a right surfing equipment for you. At Yakwax, you can shop for branded surfing accessories including ding repair, ear plugs, roof racks, wetsuit repair, wetsuit accessories, surfboard bags, action cameras and accessories, snorkeling gear, and many others. We carry many of today's top surf accessories brands including Alder, Board Bog, Grizzly, Hydro, Phix Doctor, Solarez, Surf Gel and Vissla. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

Surfing Accessories & Equipment

So you have your own surfboard and a branded wetsuit, and you think you're ready to conquer the waves. But have you checked if your surfing equipment and accessories are already complete? This is one of the biggest concerns of most beginners.

Surfing is a serious sport and with this water activity, safety is the most important. That's why surf equipment and accessories were designed and created to guarantee your safety, as well as provide the right products for instances like repairs and personal necessities.

Essential accessories and equipment for your next surf trip

Ding Repair - Ding repair kits/products are surfboard accessories provide temporary cure featuring polyester and epoxy putty, warm and cool temp formula for cracks, ding or rail shatters.

Ear Plugs - Ear plugs for surfing prevents water and wind from entering the ears. They are available in many types including flanged rubber, foam, wax and moulded earplugs.

Gifts for Surfers - Thinking of the best gift for your surfer friend? There's an array of quality and affordable surf accessories online to surprise your wave-riding friend. You will find amazing options to gift away such as wetsuit bags, sun creams, poncho towel, wetsuit shorts, surfboard bags and hats.

Roof Racks - To safely transport your surfing planks and gear, surfboard roof racks are necessary. These racks can be easily attached with straps so you can ride your car with confidence as you head on to your favourite location.

Surf Hats - Going to the beach for some watersports activity under a warm weather, a surf hat is always quite handy. You'll find plenty of quality surf hats designed to protect you against the sun and other elements while basking in the sun or when dipping in the waters. 

Towels & Ponchos - If there's no private place to change your wetsuit or swimming attire, towels and changing robe ponchos are useful beach accessories to use. Ponchos have arm holes for easy access within the robe so you can change without hassle. 

Wet/Dry Bags & Change Mats - Wet/Dry bag can take care of your damp suits or use it to keep your surf accessories & equipment dry on board or boat. While the waterproof change mats can be folded out into a flat mat for you to stand and let you get in and out of your wetsuit.

Wetsuit Repair/Boots/Gloves/Hoods - Other useful surf gears and accessories are wetsuit repair, wetsuit boots, gloves and hoods. Whether a small or large repair, wetsuit repair kit can fix a rip, hole or tear in your wetsuit. Wetsuit gloves are available in various thickness and sizes, and with inner linings to keep your hands protected and free from rash. To keep your feet warm from cold in winter and protect your feet from scratches during summer, a good wetsuit boots can do the work. In the depths of winter, nothing beats the comfort and protection that good wetsuit hoods and caps can provide.

For high-quality surfing accessories and equipment, check our collection from top brands Bluewater, Dakine, FCS, Hurley, Mc Nett, Northcore, Ocean And Earth, Seki, Tiki, TLS Tools and Xcel. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!