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Split Toe Wetsuit Boots

Split Toe

Instead of riding your surfboard with your bare feet, why not wear a pair of wetsuit boots to stay warm and protected all day. Warm, comfortable and sturdy, split toe wetsuit boots feature the highest quality toe construction, ankle straps, sole and cuffs that can only be found from top leading brands like Vissla and Xcel. Order your split toe surf boots here at the Yakwax online store. All with FREE UK delivery!

Split Toe Wetsuit Boots

Don't let the freezing water stop your surfing momentum. Stay warm and maximise your surfing performance with split toe wetsuit boots. If you need practical surf booties equipped with reliable seams and flexible arch support, while giving your foot improved balance and wider motion, split toe wetsuit boots are the perfect choice.

How Split Toe Boots Differ from Round-Toe Boots

Round-toe wetsuit boots are the most popular - with rounded toe design like standard shoes you wear regularly, keeping all your toes together.

Split-toe wetsuit boots, on the other hand, have two sections that basically separate the big toe from the other four toes to stabilise each foot and to prevent them from sliding inside each boot.

If you love surfing in cold waters, it is recommended to have a pair of split toe wetsuit surfing boots at hand. Top surf brands such as VisslaandXcel offer innovative surf accessories like premium quality split-toe wetsuit boots that can protect your feet from low temperatures, while providing comfort and durability. You can get them here at Yakwax with our amazing FREE UK delivery!