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Skateboard Bushings


Bushings complete your skateboard trucks. These skate hardware are available in many different colours, degree of hardness and shapes. All trucks are equipped with bushings and are made with standard setup to fit all trucks. So, do not underestimate the power of skate bushings for your trucks won't work without them. Maintain your skateboard trucks with quality skateboard bushings from various top brands you can find here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery!

Skateboard Bushings

Bushings are one of the smallest parts on your skateboard, but they are very useful in terms of control. They are colourful, small rubber rings made of urethane and located inside skateboard trucks. Like the other components of your skateboard, they need proper maintenance and should be replaced as early as possible when worn out to avoid losing the spring that could affect your performance.

Fortunately, replacing skateboard bushings is not a complicated matter. When they are personalized to fit your riding style, you have a much better performance and pleasing riding experience.

How to choose the right skateboard bushings?

Each truck has two bushings that can be adjusted depending on your riding skills. These are a few crucial factors to help you determine the ideal type of bushing for your skateboard:

  • Shape
  • Durometer hardness
  • Truck design
  • Deck flex level
  • Weight of rider
  • Personal preference

Yakwax offers the best hardware to keep your skateboard constantly moving seamlessly including quality skateboard bushings from some of today's top brands. All with FREE UK delivery!