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Venture trucks are among the longest existing skate hardware you'll find in the market. The brand was founded in the early 1980's by Thrasher founder and avid skater Fausto Vitello. Venture trucks were specifically made for street skating, not because they are simple and aesthetically apt for the rough and tough situations on the streets, but because they are lighter, durable and affordable especially for the younger street skaters. If you love street skating, it's essential to have skate trucks that will fit your needs. Shop for Venture trucks here at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery service!

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The past decades have witnessed the evolution of skateboarding at rapid speeds. In the early 80's, street style skating was beginning to gain more and more attention among the local kids specifically in the USA. Many of the skate parks were being shut down due to safety concerns, so local skaters were taking their boards on the streets; hence the rise of street skating and the need for proper gear to go with it.

Venture trucks were born out of the need for proper skateboard hardware that bears the grit and appeal of the streets. The brand was founded in 1984, which was considered the 'birth of the street truck'. The trucks are manufactured by Emrico (truck foundry) and distributed by Deluxe Distribution.

Venture has sponsored dozens of skaters over the years. As of late, the team includes Jack Curtin, Gino Ianucci, Stevie Williams, Stefan Janoski, Torey Pudwill, Rodrigo Teixera, Keelan Dadd, Paul Rodriguez, Terry Kennedy and Felipe Gustavo, among many others.

The Right Truck at the Right Time

The founders, Fausto Vitello and Keith Cochrane are no stranger to the realities and challenges of the skate industry. Vitello has been producing skate trucks since the late 70's, with products under the brands Independent, Tracker and Gullwing. He also co-founded Thrasher Magazine and Deluxe Distribution. Cochrane was a team rider before taking over Venture's design management.

The street skaters at the time were looking for lighter, cheaper and lower trucks that they can take to the streets. Since street skating involves more flat surfaces and uneven, random obstacles, the trucks have to be tougher in order to withstand those scenarios.

In early 1990's, street skating progressed and Venture revolutionised it with the release of the Featherlight truck. Even the very first truck they released in the early 80's, Venture had their ears open for the street skaters. The need for the right truck that would allow them to skate in the streets using a smaller board with smaller wheels got the company working on trucks based on these specifications.

Cochrane mentioned in one interview that it takes several months to a year to get the trucks right. They work on patterns in order to get the look and geometry they wanted; then they test to see if the trucks would work and they would tweak them whenever necessary. All Venture trucks are designed and manufactured in their foundry in California.

Why Street Skaters Love Venture Trucks

Finding the right pair of trucks for smaller or shorter skateboards is no longer a problem, thanks to Venture and other brands that followed the footsteps of this iconic brand.

But why many street skaters choose Venture over other brands is a testament to the steady offerings that their core market craves for since the early 90's. With a tenured street skate truck, any skater can benefit from the features and quality that are readily available without spending too much in the process.

Venture trucks have responsive turns and easy grinds with minimised twitch. The sound they produce are music to skaters' ears. They are lightweight and durable as always, and with classic appeal that many skaters prefer.

Reading through some online reviews, many skaters approve the characteristic lightweight and hollow kingpin of Venture trucks. Some prefer the pro team releases, while others stick with the standards. Other skaters are still enjoying their Venture trucks even after a few years of hard skating in the streets.

If you are an avid street skater, you will certainly enjoy the benefits of Venture trucks for as long as you use them. They are built for skaters like you and the gritty streets that you enjoy shredding.

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