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Some of the classiest skate products out there belong to Isle. This brand originated in the UK, founded by two English lads who are both riders themselves and are into the business as much as they love the sport. Isle skateboard decks and apparel have tasteful graphic designs that appeal to riders with distinct preference in style. Their approach is artistic with focus on the creative process. If you love artistic design and style without sacrificing the core aesthetics of skate products, Isle has the perfect items for you. Shop for Isle here at Yakwax with our FREE UK delivery service!

Isle Skateboards & Apparel UK Store

If you love skateboarding and classy artwork, you will appreciate the design aesthetic of Isle skate products. The brand was founded in 2013 in the UK by two skaters with a killer eye for design and style, plus passion and experience in the business.

Today, the brand resides in two locations - London in the UK and Los Angeles in the USA. It was, for the most part, a strategic decision since their skateboards and soft goods are manufactured in the US, while their design studio is in the UK. The founders also have to be in each of the cities to oversee their design and process respectively.

So far, despite the difference in time zones and not working face-to-face, the founders Paul Shier and Nick Jensen are able to make things work to their advantage. Still considered as one of the younger skate companies today, Isle has captured a wide range of customers throughout Europe, America and all across the globe.

The brand is not just known for their artsy decks, but also for their apparel line and other soft goods. They have also released videos where their tight team of pro and amateur skaters have been featured. As of late, their team riders include Casper Brooker, Chris Jones, Sylvain Tognelli, Jon Nguyen and Tom Knox.

Designs Inspired by Visual Arts and the Art of Creative Process

Many skate brands seem to have similar design aesthetics, particularly those whose founders belong to a certain background and generation. There's always a bit of rock n' roll, punk and cartoon elements in many of the brands we have the honour of carrying. Of course, those brands have their own following and fan base in many parts of the globe.

With Isle, it's refreshing to see a combination of tasteful artistry and design elements in the form of skate decks and apparel goods for the core clientele. As many of the interviews we have read of the founders, they value and put into good use their background in fine art and painting, as well as managing a skate brand.

Such is the case of Nick Jensen, one of the founders who is based in London, since he graduated with an M. A. in fine arts. He has his own studio and runs a gallery space with a friend aside from skateboarding and being the boss of 'art and design' at Isle.

Another interesting and essential part of the brand is their creative process. They visit art galleries and look at paintings of their own design boss and other artists to draw inspiration for their upcoming collections. They also collaborate with various artists to come up with fresh designs. As serious and tedious as these may sound, we are sure the owners and their crew enjoy the tasks nonetheless.

Collaborations with Artists and Other Brands

Carhartt WIP x Raphaël Zarka - Isle have collaborated with the company Carhartt WIP and artist Raphaël Zarka in producing their geometric collection. They have produced a series of decks and t-shirts with strong emphasis on spatial geometry. The geometric figures they've used as design inspirations were displayed on exhibition (at the Protein Studios in London) in the form of wooden sculptures which functioned as art pieces and skateboarding obstacles.

Lakai - Shoe brand Lakai and Isle collaborated to produce the Lakai Griffin XLK skate shoes for Nick Jensen. This shoe features a suede upper, leather trim, XLK sole unit, seamless toe, and black and white colourway.

The Isle Artist Series decks featured Lee Marshall, James Harrison and Michael James Fox. If you are familiar with their individual work and style, you will easily spot the decks they have designed for the brand.

If you have always wondered if artistic design and skate products can coexist, Isle is the perfect example and a great combination of both. It is a brand that meets in between to fill in the gap between a beloved sport and tasteful design aesthetic.

See for yourself and experience firsthand what this brand has to offer. Buy the latest Isle skate decks and apparel right here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.