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Women's Rash Vests

Women's Rash Vests

If you hate those reddish board rashes you get whenever you surf, it's about time to get women's rash vests. You may have lightweight tank tops and t-shirts to pair with boardshorts, but nothing beats the protective properties and comfy materials used in ladies' rashies. These surfing tops were created mainly to protect the wearer from nasty board rashes, so it's necessary to have them in your wardrobe. Shop for women's rash guards by renowned brands Hurley and Xcel. Enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

Rash Vests For Women

Protecting yourself from the sun's strong UV rays and against nasty board rash are the primary reasons to wear women's rash vests. However, it's quite common nowadays to find ladies who wear rash guards for swimming and other water sports. The UV protection in women's rashies appeal to many ladies, so they choose to wear them at the beach and even while swimming in pools.

Rash guards were originally invented for surfers. They were created by Australian inventors in the 1970's to help surfers avoid the nasty aftermaths of surfing. Rubbing of the skin against waxed surfboards can lead to reddish skin caused by irritation. There could be sand adhered onto your board's wax and salty water adds to the nasty bits that rub against the skin.

Though the materials used in regular rash guards and thermal rash vests are not as thick as the one's used in wetsuits, Lycra and Poly Pro have protective properties that are not harsh on the skin. These materials make women's rash guards lightweight and comfortable, while protecting the wearer against UV rays.

When it's time to update your surf and swim attire, make sure to get rash vests for women right here at Yakwax. We carry some of today's popular surf and swim wear brands HurleyandXcel. Order today and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!