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5 Finger Wetsuit Gloves

5 Finger Wetsuit Gloves

For extreme cold-water surfing, 5 finger wetsuit surfing gloves are crucial to keep your fingers warm and safe. Aside from full body wetsuits and boots, these gloves can provide added warmth and protection from the cold especially if you are out there riding the waves. Often made with neoprene and rubberised material, 5 finger wetsuit gloves provide grip and tactile feel. Get yours from brands like Alder, Xcel and many others, right here at the Yakwax store. All with FREE UK delivery!

5 Finger Wetsuit Gloves - UK Shop

Surfing requires strong and able limbs to be able to paddle, balance and keep the body steady while shredding. In warm waters, there's no need to 'over dress' in terms of surfing attire. Boardshorts, rash vests, short and light wetsuits, as well as a combination of either of these surfing attire, is sometimes enough for many advanced and professional surfers.

But in winter or in regions with waters that constantly have low temperature levels, the complete and ideal surf wear should be able to protect your whole body from neck to toe. Given that you already have great wetsuit and boots, it's also necessary to have a pair of 5 finger wetsuit surfing gloves at hand apart from your usual accessories. Remember that you need to paddle the cold water before riding the swell, so your fingers should be able to withstand the freezing cold.

Neoprene-based 5 finger wetsuit gloves from Alder,Xceland other top brands in our collection provide the needed dexterity and innovation that enhance your paddling or stroking efficiency. These gloves often have gripper palms for maximum grip and protection. You can order yours right here at Yakwax, together with our superb FREE UK delivery!