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Toddler, Infants & Baby Wetsuits

If you love the beaches and ocean waves, it's normal for your kids tag along with you especially on a summer day. Kids love the blue waters as much as adults, but toddlers can be curious enough to get wet as well. If you have babies, make sure they wear toddler wetsuits for warmth, sun protection and comfort. Get your little one’s wetsuits for babies right here at Yakwax. We carry some of today's popular brands in surf and swim wear including Xcel and others. All with FREE UK delivery!

Wetsuits For Toddlers, Infants & Babies

There's nothing like going to the beach with the whole family. But if you have small kids and babies, sometimes it feels daunting to take them along even if the weather is warm and inviting.

Let your toddlers enjoy the blue waters by suiting them up with wetsuits for babies. These are designed especially for children as young as one year old and below. Very young children have sensitive skin that needs protection and their tiny bodies are vulnerable to the cold.

There are shorty and full wetsuits for kids that are perfect for the cool waters. They provide warmth, comfort and UV protection, as well as flexibility especially during playtime or surf training session.

It's true that you cannot stop a child from loving the ocean water if this makes him/her happy. Seeing your kids swim and surf can be a little scary; but equipping them with proper attire reduces the risks of skin irritation, chills and rashes. There are parents who even attest to the buoyancy of kids' wetsuits which make their little ones float a little easier.

Let your little ones enjoy their favourite water activities and make sure to get wetsuits for toddlers right her at Yakwax! We carry some of the top brands in surf and swim wear including Xcel and others. All with FREE UK delivery.