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Women's Crew Socks

Women's Crew Socks

Women's crew socks typically rise above the ankle by six to eight inches. They offer warmth, comfort and protection to the wearer along with incredible style. For women who are active outdoors, there are crew socks for ladies with padding near the toes and/or heels for added comfort and protection. If you need a pair of female crew socks for your active lifestyle and for that much-needed comfort, there's a pair for you right here at Yakwax. Browse our collection from top brand Stance with a wide array of colours and designs available. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Crew Length Socks for Women

Often times we see crew socks worn by ball players for protection and comfort. For active women, wearing crew socks is also way to protect their feet and mid calf from rough terrain and hot or cold weather.

It is the height of ladies' crew socks that differentiates them from the other types. They also provide the much-needed absorption of moisture which can prevent bad odour especially during the summer months. Generally, all socks keep feet dry and from being in contact with your shoes' inner material. Friction and sweat are the major culprits that create stinky feet, so wearing a pair of female crew socks is not only super stylish, but quite purposeful.

Women normally look for crew length sports socks that made from cotton because of their breathable and comfortable characteristics. However, there are also socks made with other materials to match the weather and their specific functions.

Athletic socks are often thicker and with added padding for protection, while casual ones are often thinner and stretchier. This is why it is advisable to always have different pairs together with other accessories in your wardrobe - whether you're going for a run during the weekend or going to the office.

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