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1 Piece Tail Pads

1 Piece Tail Pads

One-piece tail pads are considered convenient surfing gear in terms of application on a surfboard. Aside from the usual surf wax you apply, you might need a tail pad or traction pad at the rear-end of your board for better kick and grip. 1-piece tail pads from top brands Dakine, FCS and Gorilla Surf are among the coolest-looking and most stylish in the market. Best of all, you'll surely get sufficient grip when it's time to shred the waves. Get your 1-piece tail pad here at Yakwax and enjoy our rad FREE UK delivery.

One Piece Surfboard Tail Pads

One-piece surfboard tail pads are ideal for shorter boards and those with restricted tails. They are considered easier and more convenient to apply on boards since they come in one piece. Tail pads are not replacements for surf wax since they are primarily designed to add proper traction at the tail end of a surfboard.

If you are a professional surfer, you understand the benefits of tail pads in general. They allow surfers to stay put while shredding and making those challenging manoeuvres on water. The grooves, bumps and surface texture of your 1-piece tail pad contribute to the level of grip and support its provides. However, these factors vary from one brand to another; so, it's best to try a few brands until you find the one that suits your shredding style.

Take control of your moves while shredding the waves with your 1-piece tail pad. They are available in various design styles and colours from some of the world's top surf brands like Dakine,FCS,Gorilla Surf and many others. You can get them here at Yakwax with our amazing FREE UK delivery!