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Wet + Dry Bags

Wet & Dry Bags

Wet and Dry bags for swimsuits and wetsuits are some of today's essential accessories when it comes to water sports. While it's easier to stuff your bag with dozens of plastic bags for your swim and surf suits, they do not seal and could leak. Wet/dry bags andchange matsare often made with PVC, nylon or rubber and laminated in the interior to prevent water from leaking out. You can stuff wet/dry bags in your duffle or travel bag without worrying about leaks and damaging your other stuff. Shop for wet and dry bags from FCS and other top brands, available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Wet & Dry Bags for Surfers and Outdoor Activities

The stinky smell of wetsuit that's been left in your car can haunt you for days! It's no laughing matter when this happens after you forget that it's there and remembered only when it's time to surf again.

Wetsuits left crumpled and wet for too long can suffer a good amount of damage and it could cost you money to repair or replace it. This is why wet and dry bags are necessary and should be packed in your travel bag or backpack. These bags are made with rubber, nylon or PVC and with leak-proof properties to prevent water seepage.

Anyone who loves water sports should have wet and dry bags for their swimsuits, wetsuits and boardshorts. These bags are lighter and easier to stuff in your travel and duffle bags, as well as backpacks and beach totes. Some may have cinches and draw strings, while others may have clips at the end of the opening for a flatter and sealed appearance.

Wet and dry bags can be washed and air-dried after using, so you can re-use them fresh and pleasantly smelling. Now forgetting about these bags with your wet swimsuit or wetsuit can be prevented. If not, at least your car won't stink!

Stop ruining your car, your wetsuits/swimsuits and your day by getting a new wet and dry bag. Available at Yakwax from top surf brand FCS. All with FREE UK delivery!