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Surfboard Car Roof Racks

Roof Racks

The most hassling way of travelling with your surfboard is putting it inside a car that's not equipped for transporting large gear. Unless you're using a pickup truck or a larger vehicle that can house a huge board, then it's probably okay. Nevertheless, it is better to use surfboard roof racks for cars instead of risking damage to its interior and a hard time driving. Get auto roof racks for your vehicle right here at Yakwax! We carry renowned surf brands Dakine, FCS, Ocean And Earth and Tiki - all with FREE UK delivery.

Surfboard Roof Racks

If you can't help but travel the road to get to your favourite surf spot, it'sessential to get auto roof racks for your board. You have the option to choose a permanent system which often costs thousands, or a cost-effective and non-altering system that's easy to use. The latter is often chosen for its ease and compatibility with almost any type of car.

More often than not, hardrack pads are chosen for vehicles with rain gutters and to keep boards away from the car roof. On the other hand, soft racks have smooth, soft padding which protects your car roof from scratches as it cushions your board. These are more convenient and easier to use instead of the hard type. You can quickly mount and dismount them, so you only use them whenever you need to travel the road with your surfboard.

Soft rack systems are compatible with both covered and bare surfboards. Just make sure the fins are facing upward and at the rear of your vehicle before securing them with tie down straps.

If you want a hassle-free and cost-effective surfboard car rack, you can get it here at Yakwax! We carry popular surf accessories brands includingDakine,FCS,Ocean And EarthandTiki. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax.