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éS is widely known for their classic, innovative skate shoes such as the Accel, Sal, sense, swift and sesla. Being a part of the Sole Technologies Inc. conglomerate, éS has stayed true to innovative, stylish and durable skate trainers that the skateboard community will benefit from and appreciate. Get your éS footwear and apparel right here at Yakwax skate shop! All with FREE UK delivery.

eS Skate Shoes UK Store

One of the world's renowned and best-worn skate shoe brands is éS. When we checked out their website, there's a timeline that's tells the events and accomplishments of the brand each year since its inception. But more importantly, the shoes they released during those years were remarkable and true classics in every way.

During the brand's prime it was home to some of the icons of skateboarding starting with no less than Eric Koston, Arto Saari, Bob Burnquist, Paul Rodriguez and Tom Penny.

A Storied Skate Shoe Brand

éS Shoes is a storied brand and among the most successful independent brands in the early 1990's. It is an innovator and has a deep understanding of what core skateboarders need in footwear. It pushes the boundaries of footwear design as the growing need for real skate shoes has to be filled in order to meet the demands of skateboarders.

The brand éS is one of the main labels under the Sole Technologies Inc. conglomerate which is run by former pro skateboarder and engineer Pierre André Sénizergues. It was in 1995 when Sénizergues and Don Brown created the éS brand with the goals of developing skate shoes that are innovative, sophisticated, street-focused and athletically inspired. The inspiration for this new brand was based on how pro skateboarders Koston, Penny, and Muska started wearing and chilling in their footwear after skating.

From Etnies to éS?

The name éS was given by Alex Wise - an English skateboarder who spent his entire life skateboarding in France and then went to the US to work for Etnies (another skate shoe label under Sole Technologies Inc.). He was among the graphic geniuses who joined Etnies and brought with him his understanding of skateboarding and mad skills in graphic design.

The éS name was derived from the last two letters of Etnies (E and S). The accented E (é) was used for sophistication and premium appeal, and to put emphasis on the 'S'.

The 'Creative Retreat' of 2012

As an innovative skate shoe brand, éS has always been committed to take the brand forward through ground-breaking designs and functionalities. However, the global economic landscape in 2005 brought with it plenty of challenges particularly to skate communities around the globe. There were too many products that saturate the market and the éS team wanted to step back and look at what's going on in skateboarding and where to take the brand in this kind of environment.

It was a time when the market for skate shoes demanded the same thing, which is oppose to what the éS brand is all about. They didn't plan to go backwards nor jump on the bandwagon just to save their place in the market. So it was time to just give it a rest and rethink of what's best for the brand and what to do next.

The Return of an Iconic Brand

True hardcore skateboarders are the real fans of skate shoe brands like éS. There's nothing like wearing skate shoes made by and for skateboarders. During this time, many of the local fans were sending messages of support, telling éS to come back into the limelight because of the crappy skate shoes being put out by the mainstream brands.

The return of the brand in 2014 was perhaps prompted by its success in Japan. The Accel skate shoes and the four colours they've released were the best-selling shoes in all of the stores they sold to. It's not surprising as the Japanese love technological ingenuity and style which perfectly jives with the focus of the éS brand.

When éS returned to creating their signature innovative shoes, it was considered an experimental time. It was not a 100% 'back to business' for the brand, but it was a much anticipated event particularly to core skateboarders who have known them for years.

The styles they've released were Accel-inspired skate shoes namely Accent, Accelerate and Accelite. They were superbly produced and more superior than any other skate shoe in the market. And the end results were the amazing feedback from old and new fans and, of course, the sales.

Today, éS continues to inspire and produce iconic shoes based on their original designs and innovation. While the brand keeps pushing forward with design, it's still nice to know that parts of their iconic shoes are influencing the latest footwear they are putting out for the new generation to enjoy.

The best part of it all, we have a great range of their latest skate shoes and trainers for you to check out and add to your wardrobe. All éS skate shoes, clothing and accessories come with FREE UK delivery when you order from Yakwax Skateboard Store.