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Tuning Kits

Tuning your snowboard regularly helps keep your gear performing at its best. Although taking your board to a professional tuning shop is recommendable, having your own edging and servicing tool kits at home can save you a considerable amount of money. Shopping for snowboard tuning kits is easier these days with brands offering these products online and offline. Get yours here at the Yakwax store and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!

Snowboard Tuning Kits

Snowboards need regular tuning to prolong their lifespan and to provide riders better shredding experience. Tuning kits are available to help you maintain your own snowboard particularly if you’re the type of rider who prefers the DIY route.

How often should you tune your snowboard?

Smoothly gliding and sliding on the snowy slopes are the primary aim of snowboarders. This is why tuning is a crucial task for all snowboarders.

Normally, tuning up can be done when needed; while some riders get a major tune twice each season. There are different levels of tuning which involve checking snowboard edges for dings, base scratches and putting wax on the base.

A few considerations and tips when tuning your snowboard:

  • Avoid waxing your snowboard while it's still cold to prevent bubbles on the base.
  • Big, thick rubber bands work as brakes.
  • Wipe any remaining dirt or moisture off the base.
  • For deep scratches, it’s best to take them to your local snowboard shop.
  • Always check the weather forecast to help you select a wax that will work best on your scheduled waxing day’s temperature.

Professional snowboard tuning kits are available here at Yakwax! Shop yours today and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!

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