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Skateboard backpacks or skatepacks are made for function, but they definitely add a different kind of style to avid riders. This type of skateboard bag diminishes the need for using one hand to carry the board when there's a backpack that has capacity to do so. Built with style and a dash of cool, the simple straps, webby strings or pouches are durable enough to hold skateboards in place as the rider navigates the streets on foot. Get the coolest skatepack today from some of the top brands we carry. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

Skateboard Backpacks & Bags/Holders

When skateboards and backpacks decided to join forces, we know that lots of skateboard freaks would love the end product. You don't often see skateboarders carrying backpacks on their backs and skateboards held in one hand anymore - thanks to the simple, patented addition to the familiar backpack.

Also known simply as skatepacks, these specialised backpacks for skateboarders are built for their gear. The webbing (often made of durable cord or string), double straps, or pouches are among the most popular types of attachments. They attach boards onto the backpack without affecting the contents inside. The boards are often semi-exposed or totally exposed, depending on the type of attachment on the skateboarding backpacks.

Even the non-skateboarders enjoy the cool look of a skatepack. Sometimes, perhaps out of curiosity or interest to the new design, non-boarders end up purchasing them. School kids love backpacks and some of them may have these bags without realising it. Whether you are a skateboard shred dog, a student, an avid traveller, or even a parent, you will find skate board backpacks quite useful and stylish.

Make sure to browse our collection of skatepacks, bags and other lifestyle accessories from some of the top skate brands we carry. Don't forget when you shop online at you will get FREE UK delivery as standard and a virtual high five!