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Kids' Rash Vests

Rash guards for kids are among the most popular surf and swim wear today because they are lightweight and provide UV protection of up to UPF 50+. They are great for kids who are learning to swim, surf and other on-the-water activities. For smaller children who are just out and about at the beach, baby rash vests are the best and the cutest! Babies don't swim like bigger kids, but they do need protection from harsh UV rays. Shop for kids' rash vests from popular brands HurleyXcel and Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery!

Rash Vests For Kids

Many children love the thrill of swimming in the ocean waters. The sandy beach is their playground and the sea is where they learn fun and exciting water activities. Protecting your little ones before they go out and enjoy under the sun should start with what they wear.

In the UK, when the weather is nice on a summer day, the waters can be too cold for kids especially for the little ones. Even if your youngsters do not dip their feet in the ocean, the morning breeze and UV rays of the sun can be too harsh on their tiny frames and delicate skin. While wetsuits are great for protection, they can be too thick and constricting especially for the smaller kids and for the youngsters who don't know how to swim. During the cooler fall months, youngsters who love to shred the waves are required to wear thicker surf tops like thermal rash vests paired with wetsuit shorts.

The ideal swim wear for them in this case are baby rash vests. Even if the children are not going to dip a toe in the water, rash vests have UV protection and comfortable to wear under the sun. They are lightweight and often made of Lycra which is quick-drying and gentle on the skin. For the bigger and more active kids, rash guards for kids are ideal for learning water sports. They are quite suitable for swimming, surfing and other water-based activities.

Get children's rashies right here at Yakwax! We carry top swim and surf brands Hurley, Xcel and Yakwax, among many others. All with FREE UK delivery.