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Skate Hardware

Hardware is an important component of your skateboard. There are various types of hardware that play specific roles in order for your board to function. They are often found already installed in complete skateboards and sold separately as ‘spare parts’ for when you need to update or replace them after months of heavy shredding. Choose from a great selection of bearings, bushings, grip tape, kingpins, riser pads and truck bolts from renowned skating brands Bones, Grind King, Grizzly, Independent, Mini Logo, Mouse, Sushi and many others – all available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Skateboard Hardware - UK Store

Is it time to upgrade your skateboard? Then you’re probably searching for the best skateboard accessories and hardware to complete your board requirements. If so, the information below will help you decide which skateboard components are necessary for your upgrades.

Anatomy of a Skateboard

A skateboard is designed with a few essential components to do its job. Some skateboards are already pre-installed, also known as ‘completes’, with parts ideal for beginners. Most skateboards are custom-built and recommended for those who have a better understanding of its different parts and functions.

If you are on a quest of upgrading or going DIY in assembling your own skateboard, the following hardware and parts should be considered in your upgrade:

Bearings - Skate bearings are tiny round metal parts that aid in the spinning of other components such as wheels, inner and outer race, balls, shields and ball retainer. When there’s spinning motion, there’s friction involved and bearings take control of it to prevent the wheels from grinding up the metal.

Bushings - Skate trucks are equipped with bushings that aid in controlling how you skate. These are made of urethane rubber and installed within the trucks to provide the much-needed spring as you shred.

Grip Tape - A must-have on any skate deck, grip tape helps you stay on your board and be control. It used to be just black and synonymous with regular sand paper you can buy at the hardware store, but these days you’ll find coloured and graphically designed griptape for added aesthetic.

Kingpins - Skate trucks will not function and will fall apart without the kingpin. This is like a big bolt designed to hold the truck components together and adjusting its angle and tightness has direct impact on how you skate.

Riser Pads - These pads are used to minimise wheel bites or rashes that could ruin your skateboard. Riser pads are usually made with rubber and add a bit of space between the wheels and deck to decrease impact and vibration.

Truck Bolts- To connect skate trucks to your deck, you will need a set of truck bolts. These are crucial components created specifically for skateboards. They are self-locking to secure the trucks in place especially when you’re fond of impactful movements and tricks.

Essentially, skateboard hardware is worth the investment each and every time you purchase them. The ideal way to conserve your skateboard and budget is to choose only the best hardware from the greatest brands in the industry. Get top-notch skate hardware from renowned brands Bullet, Diamond Supply Co., Plus Reserve, Shake Junt, Thunder and many others right here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.

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