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Men's Tops

Men's Tops

Men's tops are staples among casual-loving guys. But for skaters, surfers and streetwear aficionados they add appeal and upgrade practical or plain-looking getup. Men's hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, tank tops and vests are the usual tops found in guys' wardrobes and on offer at many apparel shops. Here at Yakwax you'll find these men's tops from some of the world's top brands - 14:01, Butter Goods, Chocolate, Diamond Supply Co., Fourstar, Gold, Hotel Blue, Hurley, Lakai, Prime, Rebel 8, Santa Cruz, Skateboard Cafe, Thrasher and Yakwax, among many others. Order yours today and receive our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Tops For Men

Men's tops are essential for any casual and sporty attire. Especially for skateboarders, easy to wear tops like t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are primary garbs while shredding. This particular 'skater style' has been picked up by the street wear fans, runway models and celebrities since decades ago. Perhaps it's the laid-back appeal and comfort that draw these folks toward the skater's style of wearing simple, relaxed clothing which consist mainly of t-shirt, jeans, socks, sneakers and outerwear.

What are these staple men's tops?

Hoodies - These tops convey the 'skater style' and street style appeal quite readily. Hoodies for men are available in zip up, half zip or pullover styles that match well with t-shirts, jeans, casual trousers and shorts. If you need light outerwear, hoodies are among the most practical and fashionable tops you can easily wear with almost any sporty and casual attire.

Jackets - Depending on the season, it is typical among skaters to wear light or heavy jackets to keep them warm. It's not surprising to find a variety of jackets available on the market since many brands are catering to the needs of both sporty and non-sporty individuals. You can choose from coach's jackets, gilets, insulated, parkas, anoraks, ski and snowboard jackets, varsity jackets, windbreakers and rain jackets.

T-shirts - Logo and graphic tees are quite common among skaters and surfers, as well as any guy next door who loves the outdoors. They are the most versatile and practical tops for men who love casual and sporty getup.

Shirts - Shirts with collar, buttons and polo type are great for office wear and other informal situations. Flannel is among the most common buttoned shirt that skaters, surfers and street wear aficionados choose and it comes in an array of colours and patterns as well.

Sweatshirts - No longer considered just sports tops, sweatshirts have evolved into versatile apparel for men. They are practical, stylish and laid-back which what skaters, surfers and streetwear fans appreciate. Sweatshirts and knitted sweaters are great as light outerwear which can be worn on top of tees and shirts.

Vest and Tank Tops - Though vest and tank tops may not suit all situations, in spring or summer months they are certainly the popular choice. Skaters and surfers pair their plain and graphic vests and tank tops with jeans and shorts to keep their bodies cool and well-ventilated during the warmer months.

Keep a wide variety of men's tops to pair with your favourite jeans, trousers and shorts will provide you a collection of cool, casual and laid-back getup all year-round.

When it's time to replenish and update your wardrobe with new tops for men, just browse our collection of hoodies, jackets, shirts, tees, sweatshirts, vests and tank tops. We carry a wide array of renowned brands such as Brixton, Channel Islands, Crupie, Dakine, DC, DGK, Emerica, Girl, Globe, Grizzly, Huf, Kr3w, LRG, Magenta, Primitive, Rusty, Sour, Supra, Vissla and Volcom, among many others.

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