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Northcore is one of the world's leading brands in surf and outdoor adventure accessories and hardware. The brand's roots and principles in product development are based on hardcore cold water surfing which enables them to create sturdy, practical products with excellent quality, design and integrity. Northcore is committed to continuously work on the latest innovations to provide a rising demand for first-rate technical equipment, apparel and lifestyle accessories for today's surfers and outdoor adventurers. Get the latest products from Northcore right here at Yakwax and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery service.

Northcore Surf Accessories - Online UK Store

Northcore is a British-based Surf brand that combines innovation, pro surfer expertise and rad European design. Deeply ingrained in the brand are their roots in hardcore cold water surfing, enabling them to create tough utilitarian products with superb quality, integrity and design.

Currently, their main products are surf-based accessories and necessities ranging from (vehicle solutions) waterproof seat covers, soft racks, bike racks, (surfing accessories) changing robe Ponchos, changing mats, waterproof bags, (surfboard accessories) deck grip, surfboard bags, leashes, wax combs, (travel solutions) backpacks, travel packs, luggage, apparel, Slice fins, surfboard packages, and adventure and lifestyle accessories such as their best-selling Keypod key safe.

Truly, Northcore is a one-stop shop for the adventurous surfer since they specialise in products that address the major outdoor necessities we usually face and sometimes overlook. The company continually work on the latest innovations to provide an increasing demand for topnotch technical equipment and accessories for their core market.

The Northcore brand ambassadors include Peter Conroy, Sandy Kerr, Stan Norman, Martin Magalh√°es, Jo Morris, Damien Conway, Lucie Donlan, Corinne Evans and Nuno Viegas.

It All Started in a Tiny Garden Shed

In the early 2000's, in a tiny garden shed on the North Sea coast, Northcore's founder Matt Strathern had an idea for a one of a kind product which eventually became the cornerstone of surfing security.

The Keypod key safe took roughly two years from idea to rough sketch to manufacturing. In 2004, the original Keypod was released in the market and it rapidly gained popularity among surfers and outdoor adventurers.

The success of Keypod led the founder to leave his city job and start his own business. After tapping an opportunity in the surfing security market, Matt took notice of more opportunities for fresh practical products. It was around 2006 when the Northcore brand came to be and it was set to represent the continuously growing range of front-running, innovative products.

Currently, Northcore has a staff based all over Europe and partners that represent the brand in fourteen countries across the globe.

The "Northcore Collective"

As a company, Northcore is also busy with projects that involve making small batches of customised handmade items using new materials and working with craftsmen. Some of these products are their handmade wallet and bag, and their A-Frame blonde brew beer (collab with a local micro brewery).

The Collective is also about collaborations with other brands, artists, musicians, film makers, adventurers and many others. One of their collaborations was with an American company called Chapman at Sea who helped them create handmade surfboard bags made of heavy duty canvas with leather nose piece.

They also feature other folks within the surf and adventure categories, focusing on their artistry, craftsmanship and innovation.

Social Responsibility

Northcore is a socially responsible company that supports Carbon Neutral policy and environmental and recycling initiatives. They have also sponsored 2,000 trees which were included in a Malaysian rainforest re-plantation program to counterbalance carbon emissions.

If you've been surfing for years, you know that there are certain items that will make your lifestyle a little easier. It's not always enough to have a surfboard, a pack of surf wax and your good old board sock for storage. It's time to get more stuff to fill those inevitable needs especially when you love to hit the road to find the finest wave.

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