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Elbow Pads

Skateboarding requires you to ride, slide and bump on concrete. Therefore, wearing skateboard elbow pads is a must to protect you from getting serious injuries. Investing on well-fitting skate elbow pads will not restrict your movement and speed, but provide proper cushion if in case you fall and hit the pavement. Here at Yakwax we carry top skate protection brands 187 Killer Pads and Harsh to ensure skaters are getting the best. Shop today and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery!

Skateboard Elbow Pads

Elbow scratches, bumps and fractures are some of the most common injuries in skateboarding. Wearing elbow pads help protect your elbows from impact in case you fall while riding on ramps or downhill. This protective gear provides beginners a safe feeling and allow them to do tricks confidently as they learn the ins and outs of skateboarding. Professionals, though not all, also wear protective elbow padding especially when shredding bowls and at high-intensity competitions.

What to look for in elbow pads

Good elbow pads can be made of soft foam and feature lightweight materials and flexible pads to let you move freely and comfortably. Some are also made of plastic shell caps to provide firm protection against hard impacts. Generally, these pads are available in combo packs or sets which also include wrist and knee pads.

Buying Tips

  • Skateboard elbow pads should fit correctly, so you stay flexible while shredding or doing tricks. Pads that are too tight will make you feel uneasy, which can hamper your movements.
  • Picking elbow pads start by first measuring your elbow using a soft tape measure. Wrap it around the centre of your elbow and note the measurement.

Complete your skateboard protective gear starting with elbow pads. Branded elbow pads are always available at the Yakwax store – from top brands 187 Killer Pads and Harsh. All with FREE UK delivery!