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Men's Rash Vests

Men's Rash Vests

Men's rash vests are quite functional as they are fashionable even for the non-surfing individual. These surf tops are designed to protect surfers from developing rash created by constant contact of the skin on surfboards. But they also provide UV protection and comfort as the fabric is able to wick away moisture. If you love to surf or swim, or any other water activity, make sure you have rashies and wetsuits available in your closet. Get yours today at Yakwax! We carry renowned surf and swimwear brands Hurley, Volcom and Xcel. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

Rash Vests For Men

Surfers used to be the original wearers of rash vests since they are often in and out of the water. Since the possibilities of suffering from skin rashes and risks to UV rays are high, many brands have created their own styles and versions to cater to every surfer, swimmer and other water sports enthusiasts.

Rashies were invented in Australia to meet the needs of surfers. They wanted a comfortable and lightweight top that can protect the skin from chafing caused by rubbing on waxed surfboards. The skin irritation is often caused by the salt and sand that adhere to the wax and onto the board.

Today, men's rash vests are ideal for any type of water sport and recreational swimming. They are ideal tops for guys who love to stay in and on the water for long periods of time. Men's rashies are ideal for the warm summer months since they are lightweight and can wick away moisture from the skin. Men's thermal rash vests are similar in construction, but designed with different material that provides the much-needed warmth for cold waters.

If you want to update your surf and swim wear, make sure to get your men's rash guards right here at Yakwax! We carry popular surf and swim wear brands Hurley,VolcomandXcel. Enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!