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Sunglasses are staples in the fashion industry, but in sports it is more than just accessoriesfor the wearer. They are created, first and foremost, to protect the eyes from the sun's UV rays and other harmful elements. Quite true for wrap-around and polarized sunglasses worn by boardsports enthusiasts since they are primarily needed for protection whilst riding their gear. Get your next pair of stylish sunglasses right here at Yakwax. Choose from some of the world's the coolest brands Carve, Electric, Oakley and Von Zipper. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

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The element of cool will always remain among the stylish and cool sunglasses we all love. But the utilitarian qualities of these eyewear should not be ignored since this is the main reason why they are created. Protecting the eyes of the wearer from the harmful UV rays of the sun is the primary goal of well-crafted sunnies, and many brands go beyond in perfecting this aspect of the well-loved eyewear. The most popular styles today include aviators, cat eye, round, square and wayfarers which all add a dash of style and coolness to any type of getup.

For sports and lifestyle enthusiasts, the need to wear sunglasses outdoors has become a way of life. In the case of surfers, these folks are frequently found at the beach and in the waters doing their favourite stuff. Sea water and sun are not a good combination, that's why they need surf sunnies in and out of the water.

For on-ground board riders, this basic need to protect their eyes from harmful sun rays allow them to see their paths clearly, so they can effectively shred the streets or snow. Wearing wrap-around and polarized sunglasses are quite common since they provide extra protection from dust and debris, while providing a wider field of vision to the wearer.

Whether you're a board rider or the laid-backguy next door, wearing sunglasses is necessary for protecting your eyes in the daytime. Get yours here at Yakwax! We have an awesome collection of cool eyewear from Chocolate, Nectar and Glassy. Enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery when you order today!